Summary of the phantom of the

He discovers that this is a man named Erik who has been tutoring Christine. After nearly drowning, he shows up in the Phantom's lair to save Christine. He lifted his mask to kiss Christine on the forehead and she kissed him back and Erik reveals that he has never received a kiss before.

Leroux reveals that Christine seemed to be afraid of her new talent and unsure about her destiny. Synopsis 1 Summaries Begins when an opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the Summary of the phantom of the Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl.

They tell her that they have seen the ghost. The following night, the enraged and jealous Erik abducts Christine during a production of Faust and tries to force her to marry him.

But the next day they receive a letter from the opera ghost himself, thanking them for the lovely evening. He waits for her to exit her dressing room but when she does she is alone. This version starred Lon Chaney Sr.

Phantom Of The Opera Story

Raoul assumes that this man is the real identity of the much talked about opera ghost. Christine's childhood friend and love interest. But while he is waiting, he hears her speaking with a mysterious man. The work is perhaps best known as one of the most successful musicals of all time with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Christine tells him about her relationship with Erik and how it started. Heartbroken, the Phantom destroys the mirrors and escapes through a secret passage just before the mob shows up. Raoul tells Christine that he is leaving for the North Pole in a month and he wants her to come with him.

After more climbing, Milo, Tock, and the Humbug finally reach a flat part on the mountain, where the find a well-dressed gentleman whose face has no features on it—no eyes, no nose, no mouth.

He then lures Christine to a mirror where she sees him then follows him to his lair under the Opera House "The Phantom of the Opera". This serialized version of the story became important when it was read and sought out by Universal Pictures to be adapted into a movie in The primary difference is that the Everpresent Wordsnatcher makes puns with the intent of making himself seem intelligent, while Juster uses puns to help teach Milo lessons about the Lands Beyond.

He told her not to be afraid, and she realized that his voice the voice of the Angel. He says that Christine and Raoul eloped and moved to Scandinavia and reminds the reader that a skeleton was found under the opera house that belonged to the opera ghost.

If she chooses Raoul, Erik will destroy the Opera house and everyone inside with the explosives he has in the cellar of his lair. Notice that the Humbug seems to know the bird rather well, since the Humbug enjoys the sort of annoying word trickery.

Fearing that she will leave him, he decides to keep her with him forever, but when Christine requests release after two weeks, he agrees on the condition that she wear his ring and be faithful to him. Gary is the keeper of box five. He falls in love with Christine at a young age when he hears her singing and follows her onto a beach.

The Opera has been shut down and they are auctioning off props to make some money. The details about the Palais Garnierand rumors surrounding it, are closely linked in Leroux's writing.

The man put her on a horse and eventually they arrived at an underground lake with a boat floating on it. Raoul notices that Christine is wearing a gold ring on her finger during the coming weeks, but she refuses to answer any questions about it or talk about what happened when she was missing for two weeks.

They are reunited after her debut at the party at the opera house at the beginning of the book. Later she unmasks him and the Phantom is furious with her. One day, Christine and Raoul go to the roof of the opera house for some privacy.The Phantom of the Opera is a horror romance about a deformed man who sinisterly plots against the woman he loves.

It was originally published in and has been compared to Beauty and the Beast. Phantom Thread Questions and Answers.

The Phantom of the Opera

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"The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux is a novel about a mysterious "phantom" who lives in an opera house. The story begins as old opera directors are handing over the opera house to new directors, and everyone is excited about a new star, Christine Daae.

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Summary of the phantom of the
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